Amorgos, the easternmost island of the Cyclades, was one of the most important centres of the Cycladic civilisation. The island's three ancient kingdoms, Minoa, Aegiali, and Arkesini enjoyed considerable prosperity during the archaic period, with the arrival of the Ionians, as its geographical position made it an important destination from and to the coast of Asia Minor.
The island's name allegedly comes from the word "Amorgi", a plant which produced a special weaving thread for the stitching of the famous Amorgians tunics as mentioned at Aristophane's Lysistrata. According to another version, the name "Amorgos" refers to the special colour of these tunics, which was later identified as red.

Amorgi holiday rooms are located in the beautiful beach of Aegiali



the easy living place

A diffrent, fabulous world waits for you in Aigiali. The main beach with clear blue sea offers memorable moments. Apart from Fokiotripa you can swim at Levrossos. Psili Ammos, and Hohlakas quieter beaches for relaxation.
By car or bus, go to Agios Pavlos and take the boat to Nikouria island with the three beautiful beaches. (the last one accessed only by feet).
Try modern greek cuisine in "Amorgialos" and "Yiachendo", fresh fish in "Katina's" and "Koralli", local meat in "Asteria" and souvlaki from "Bloom Brothers", Nicola's floating canteen. Enjoy rich breakfast in "Falafel" and "Amorgis" and cocktails at "Maestro" and "Embassa" with the most relaxing sunset view you can get and shop local products from "Kellari".
Spend a whole day at "Disco the Que", one of the most beautiful beach bar in Greece with the best music for each hour of the day and night.


the queen

The fascinating Lagada village and its surrounding settlements grew up in the plains of Aegiali along the hillside. Built on the edge of Araklos gore, the architecture of Lagada reflects the traditional Cycladic architecture.
In Langada you will go to eat, and you will return. Try faboulous local and cretan cuisine in "Loukaki", great greek recipies in "Varis", enjoy your wine in "Koumbara" and "Fegero", have fun with live greek music in "Pavlaki" and enjoy breakfast and cocktails in "Pergalidi".
Make short walks to Stroumbos, Drys and Profitis Elias on the outskirts of the gore. Take a walk to the Epanochoriani church complex and if you are strong enough, continue to Theologos and Stavros on mount Krikelos.


the traditional

Tholaria, with its hospitable inhabitants, is very close to the ancient town of Egiali (Vigla). The village celebrates on July, 1st with traditional feast.

Visit the traditional "kafenia" with the joyful people and try Nikola's sweets. Visit "Seladi" for a glass of wine and light dishes and "Panorama" for Paraskevas's local recipes.

Take a walk to Mikri Vlichada, or to Agios Ioannis and Akrotiri, through the gardens where the villagers grow their vegetables.

Take the stone path for Astratios and continue to Stroumbos and Langada for the panoramic view of Aegiali bay.



the capital

Amorgos medieval capital is built in the middle of the island around the Venetian Castle. The first signs of occupation shown here are from the early Byzantine times.
Narrow alleys and small paved squares attract and win the visitor;s attention. A visit to the island archelogical museum is definitely worth while. Visit Agia Anna and Kambi rocky and pebbly beaches.
Sun and rocks, blue clear waters and wild beauty.

Try modern greek cuisine in "Tranzistoraki" where you can also buy local herbs and gourmet products from small producers of cyclades, local recipes in "Parvas", breakfast and cocktails in "Jazzmin".

Take a hike to the famous Hozoviotissa monastery and walk the beautiful path to Katapola and Xilokeratidi.


the port

Katapola is the main port of Amorgos, this beautiful region is divided into three settlements called Katapola, Rachidi, and Xilokeratidi. Along the waterfront, it’s lined with cafes, taverns, and moorings for fishing boats and visiting sailing boats. You can walk or take the boat to Maltezi and Plakes, the beautiful beaches in the area.
Visit Minoa, the ancient capital of oneof Amorgo's tree kingdoms and take a walk around Xilokeratidi to Evangelistria and Nera. From Lefkes, starts a beautiful path to Ag. Saranda - Kamari - Kastri - Vroutsi - Arkesini.
Try modern greek cuisine in "Youcali", taste Pothiti's delicious sweets and have a drink at the famous "Moon bar". Visit "Amorgos Botanic Park" and "Amorgos Organics", the exemplar natural farm of Nondas.


the watchtower

Potamos is quiet and very picturesque and has kept the traditional architecture and way of life. The village which climbs up on the mountainside with fantastic views over the archipelago and the bay of Aegiali. Potamos is surrounded by the mountains and beautiful nature and it has easy access the walking paths with there fantastic sceneries. Potamos is a place to relax and enjoy with its sea view and the spectacular sunset over the Aegean Sea.
Try local recipes at "Kamara" with the most stunning view of the Aegean sea.

From Potamos , starts "palia strata",the most famous Amorgian path to Asfondilitis - Monastery - Cora. (You can break it in two sections).


the quiet side

As we drive to the south side of the island, we come across a different landscape, with small valleys, fertile land and almost untouched nature. Before you enter the "Kato Meria" area, visit the st. George Varsamitis monastery, which is built on the ruins of one of the three man oracles of ancient greece.
The first village we reach is Vroutsi, where we can enjoy mr. Kosta's hospitality at "Klimataria" and local cuisine in "Georgalini" Take a walk in the village, one of the most beautiful of the island, and if you are a hiker, visit Kastri, the acropolis of ancient Arkesini, a place with constant human presence from 1700 b.C. Visit Mouros, a rocky beach with crystal clear water.
Continue to Arkesini by an easy path or by car, where you will visit Pyrgos, a 300 b.C. monument. Lunch break at "ston Pyrgo" for the original recipes of Rafaela and Maria, or at "Marousso" for fresh fish from the family boat. Ammoudi is the nearest beach, rocky and wild, facing east to Asitpalea and Ikarion sea.
At the southern end of the island, Paradeissa (for adults), Kalotaritissa (for children) and the small island Gramvoussa, are the swimming places of the area.


the big blue

Asfondilitis is an abandoned village, where a few houses are recently restored in the traditional way, and Sophia's small taverna serves local meat and chickpeas backed in a stone oven, since there is no electricity. 
Wonder around the rocky landscape, discover the mysterious stone graffities from the early days of 20th century and wait to see the glorious moon rising from the sea.
A rocky path leads to Chalara, the best place for swimming in Amorgos. It is hard to get there, don't go if you are not familiar with hiking, and bring water with you.
From Asfondilitis, you can divide the long path "Palia strata" heading north to Agios Mamas - Potamos - Aegiali, or south to Thoskepasti - Chozoviotisa - Chora.

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